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Service Types

Every family experiences challenges. Every parent wonders if they are doing the right thing for their children. Sometimes, parents need help to be the best they can be.  Some families benefit from help to navigate the frequently confusing and fragmented service system. It can be overwhelming for parents when their child receives a new diagnosis, or when they are told they need to do something for their child and they don't know where to start or they get conflicting information from therapists, doctors, friends and social media. Parent and Caregiver Support Services can help clarify goals, develop a plan and secure the resources needed to achieve your goals for your family. I can help you navigate the complex systems to ensure you feel capable and confident as a parent and caregiver. It doesn't matter if your child has special needs or you are the care giver of your parent with neurocognitive decline. I can help you figure out what you need to do to meet your family's needs.


Call for a free half hour consultation. 

Fees will be determined prior to services being provided and

are not typically covered by insurance or third party. 

The level of support is typically Service Level 1-4 depending on the needs. 

These interventions are not behavioral in nature and are not covered by my BCBA certification.

I frequently get asked what I do...what exactly IS ABA? My response is "very good and deliberate teaching". Many folks think ABA is only for stopping problem behavior or for teaching young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). While it is true ABA is effective in those situations, ABA is much more than that. ABA can be used to teach any skill to any learner. For example, bathing and toileting, teeth brushing and eating, dressing and setting the table for mealtime. ABA can also teach socials skills and emotional regulation skills, organizational and planning skills. ABA is used to teach young learners how to learn through play: how to imitate and share attention which are needed to learn from what is going on in the environment. ABA is used to increase communication skills, using a variety of communication methods such as using their voice, pictures, sign language and technology.  ABA is effective with children without any special needs and it is effective with children and adults with special needs, mental health needs, and Substance Use Disorders. Even when the reason for seeking ABA is to address problem behavior, the best outcomes always includes changes in environment and teaching replacement behaviors. The plan for treatment is developed with the individual and parents or caregivers and based on the most pivotal changes needed to improve the individual's and  family functioning.

I know that family time is limited and important. The services that I provide are practical and functional, targeting the most important skills and behaviors for change that are going to make the most positive difference in the lives of the person and family. I use evidenced based and trauma informed approachs to working with clients. I work directly with the person who needs treatment and their caregivers, using a focused model of ABA treatment.

Services may be provided in person or via HIPAA compliant tele-health.

Call for a free half hour consultation.

Fees may be covered by IL DD Waiver, insurance or private pay.

These services typically are Service Level 4.

Consultation services take many forms. Typically needs and scope are identified in a free half hour consultation call and a plan is developed. Consultation can be individual in nature, such as a provider struggling to meet the needs of a participant in programming or more systematic, such as assessing the needs of a program. 

The scope of consultation includes assessment, support and training to achieve many varied outcomes depending the needs and outcomes desired. Consulting can be to help meet the needs of one person or more systemic in the approach. 


People and situations that can benefit from consulting services include:


Addressing behavior challenges of young children in preschool;


Educational advocacy to ensure the needs of students in the school setting are met;

Developing new programs to meet identified community needs;

Assessing efficiency of existing programs;

Program Management and Implementation;

Reducing problem behaviors of individuals with I/DD in the home, community, day programming and residential settings.

Call for a free half hour consultation.

Private pay or contract with organization.

These services are typically Service Level 4. 

These interventions may or may not behavioral in nature. Any service that is not behavioral in nature would not covered by my BCBA certification.

I provide fieldwork supervision for students seeking to obtain their BCBA credential. I focus on the individual needs and strengths of the student, with the goal of supporting their ability to apply the knowledge they have learned as a student. 


Additionally, practioners sometimes need more support than they can get on Facebook.  Some issues need to be discussed in a confidential manner and information needs to be shared more thoroughly than on social media. 

  • Are you a lone BCBA and have no BCBA community to support?.

  • Are you a new BCBA who wants support to provide high quality clinical intervention?

  • Do you have other clinical interests than your current client population and want to increase your scope of practice with other types of learners?

  • Do you have a new client and need brief coaching to increase your scope of practice.

  • Do you want to help your families navigate the disability, medical, educational, funding service systems and do not have the experience needed yet;

  • Are you a supervisor and helping a variety of supervisees who have had different learning experience.

  • Are you a BCBA who has more experience than most of the other clinicians on the team and knows having a circle of support is still valuable.

  • Are you the BCBA is known to be the "go to" for certain types of learners or situations so no one is available to provide you with support?

  • Do you need supervised practice to complete your journey to sit for the BCBA exam?

Coaching and supervision may be appropriate to meet your needs.

I have experience implementing many assessment and curriculum for a variety of learners. I can assist you in case conceptualization which will help your learners progress more quickly. My scope of practice is broad: in ages, diagnosis, needs, and curriculum. 

Call for a free half hour consultation; fees are private pay per contract.

These services are Service Level 4.

Adulting is hard. Living a value based life is a challenge. Sometimes it is overwhelming to know how to stay on the path or even choose a path.


Coaching and mentoring is a service informed by my personal and professional experiences. I have had the blessing to benefit from leadership and mentoring training through my professional roles as a people leader in the corporate environment.  I utilize Motivational Interviewing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy informed strategies and the principles of behavioral science to help individuals lead the lives they want to live. These are not counseling services. Coaching is a collaborative process based on the goals of the participant. These services are offered via telehealth so location is not a barrier. ​

  • Are you tired of feeling like you have no control over your life?

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Do you need to make a big change in your life and need help sticking to it?

  • Are you faced with a challenging decision and need an objective listener to help problem solve?.

  • Do you need to complete a task and have no plan for getting it done?

  • Do you need someone to talk with who does not have an agenda for you?


Consider outreaching me for coaching and mentorship.


Call for a free half hour consultation. Fees are private pay per contract.

These are services are Service Level 4

These interventions are not behavioral in nature and are not covered by my BCBA certification.

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