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Service Tiers

Service Level One

The services provided at this level are an in-depth interview, review of relevant information, a written records review and the development of written recommendations to meet the needs identified. 

Service Level Two

In addition to the services of level one, service level two includes the development of goals and an action plan that can be implemented to achieve the identified goals.

Service Level Three

In addition to the services at levels one and two, service level three includes individualized training to achieve the goals identified. For example, training to participate effectively in an IFSP or IEP meeting.

Service Tiers

Service Level Four

Service level four is individualized parent/caregiver support, ABA services, mentoring or supervised fieldwork for individuals pursuing their BCBA certification. The fees are based on the frequency of contact and level of support requested. The rate is based on an hourly rate. The activities involved could include participation in meetings, location specific observations, caregiver training, direct training of the individuals, and developing of resources to help implement the plan. 

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